6th Annual Jason Richards Grand Prix

Saturday 7th - 8th November 2020                             

Club Duty : Juniors 

This is a single event run over a period of 2 days to the Regulations, Rules, Procedures and Specifications of KartSport New Zealand, these Supplementary Rules and any additional Supplementary Rules issued prior to or during the event. The event is to remember the Late Jason Richards with a unique race format. The key elements we want for this meeting is for it to be different than the traditional 4 heats and a final or the current CIK format. As a Club we want to emphasize and encourage the elements of “Fun” and “Strategy” through this novel and unique format.

Coffee cart will be on site for both days!

Pre-registration: https://www.sporty.co.nz/viewf...

Covid-19 Procedures: https://www.kartsport.org.nz/C19-HEALTH-SAFETY/Covid19-Alert-Level2-Safety-Plan

Entry Fee: $100

Friday Practice Fee (Non Members Only): $20

Timetable (approximate):

Day 1:

1 x Qualifying Run (5mins)
Heat 1 (12 laps, start from qualifying results)
Heat 2 (12 laps, start from heat 1 results)
Heat 3 (12 laps, start from heat 2 results)

Day 2:

Heat 4 (15 laps, reverse grid from overall points of heats 1, 2 and 3)
Top 6 Shootout (Top 6 from Saturday’s overall results)
40 lap Grand Prix Final.

Location : The Hits Kart Raceway, Rewood Valley, Appleby
Contact :   Russell Miller - 0273181052

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