Have A Go!

Are you interested in KartSport? Then organise a time and get behind the wheel of one of our race spec Karts!

Who:  All ages between 6 - 66 Years

Cost:  $75 ( Approx One Hour Booking ) 

Contact:  HIgh Rev or Tasman Karts (details below).

Nelson Kart Shops:

Tasman Karts

Brendon Gridley - 027 547 2341

Email - tasmankarts@gmail.com

8 Rosemary Place, Stoke

GK Karts

David Pinkerton - 021 141 8772

Email - gkkarts51@gmail.com

64 Beach Road, Richmond

High Rev Limited

Kevin Barker - 027 555 0148

Derryn French - 027 626 7727

Email - kevin@highrev.co.nz

15 Forests Road, Stoke

How To Get Started:

Safety Requirements:

Helmet: Must be a full face helmet with visor and less than 10 years old.

Race Suit: All drivers are to wear a race suit at all times and have their first and last name stitched or screened on the exterior of their racing overalls, on the outside left or right breast area, or on the outside of the overalls belt.

The following options are permitted:

Option 1: One piece fabric race suits homologated by the CIK-FIA to CIK Standard N2001-1 with an efficiency level of either Level 1 or Level 2. The CIK-FIA homologation label is on the back of the collar.

Option 2: One piece fabric race suits produced using an outer fabric which meets CIK-FIA Homologation Regulation Article 8.11. Such race suits must have a KSNZ Approval Code - Label on the back of the collar.

Option 3: One or two piece leather race suits complying with the standards defined by the FIA. (1.2mm thickness)

Gloves: These must be of substantial material, eg. leather or vinyl etc, give complete hand and finger protection, be firm fitting and worn during practice and competition.

Footwear: Suitable footwear of enclosed type giving full foot protection. Laced type with ankle protection recommended.

Finding The Right Kart / Class:

The decision to buy the right kart should not be taken lightly. There are a great deal of things to consider. The first thing that is needed, before buying the kart is working out which class your going to race. There are Kartsport Classes to suit everyone from 6 years to 66 years old. So we have to find the right class to match your age and / or weight*.
*Each class has a MAW (Minimum Allowed Weight) requirement which is weighed kart + driver. Ideally you want to come under the (MAW) and then get your kart back up to weight using lead blocks.

Below are the classes available for both Juniors and Seniors.

KartSport Membership / Race Licence:

Nelson Membership

Junior (Cadet, VMR, Junior)*                       $110
Senior (All other classes)                            $150
Associate (Bucket Bikes / Vintage)            $60
Non-racing Member                                    $25

*For Drivers under the age of 18 years it is required that one member of the family is a Non-Racing Member as each driver needs to have a Guardian present and accept responsibility for the driver.
For parents and supporters we encourage consideration be being given to a non-racing membership which carry's club privileges other than just racing.

Our membership runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.   To join or renew please click on this link Membership Application and complete the registration form, pay your membership fee and then download the Sporty.Co App from either Google Play or the Iphone App Store on your phone.  Simply search for KartSport Nelson and enter your details. If your membership has been approved and you have paid, your Digital ID card will be waiting for you in the App on your phone.  Printed copies are not accepted.

Memberships Offered are:-
Senior Racing $150
Junior Racing $110 (Under 17 as at 1st May 2020
Non Racing $25
Associate $60 (Includes Bucket Bikes and Vintage)
Veteran $50 (Over the age of 60 years)
Pit Shelter $60
Internet banking details are:-
KartSport Nelson 
ASB 12-3158-0096341-00

Race Day Fees

(With KartSport New Zealand licence)

Nelson Fun Days         $20
Nelson Club Days        $50
Major Events                As Per Entry Form

Licence Fees

Kartsport NZ Practice Licence          $30
KartSport NZ Licence                           $210
Transponder Deposit                            $123*
Transponder Lease                                $74**

*All KSNZ Licence holders are required to have a transponder. You can buy these outright but most Kartsport drivers lease these off KSNZ. Your deposit is refunded once the transponder is returned back to KSNZ.

**Your transponder lease is charged per year along with KSNZ race licence.

One Day Licence

(For One Off Drivers Without A KSNZ Race Licence)

One Day Licence With A KSN Membership*          

Race Day Fee + $40

One Day Licence Without A KSN Membership*     

Race Day Fee + $50

*Only Allowed Five Per Year

Click Here To Download A KSNZ Race Licence Application Form