Contactless Tracing

At KartSport Nelson we have introduced a Touch Free Sign in via iDMe which automatically creates our register should it be requested by the Ministry of Health or our local DHB.  All New Zealand sports organisers are required to maintain a contact tracing log. 

Everyone ("everyone includes your mum, your dad, your children, your crew") who comes to our track MUST sign in via this system and the information will also be on our gate, including our code (PDXET) to manually sign in on your phone.  Here is the link to set up your Contact Tracing The simple instructions on how it works are below

KartSport Nelson Venue Code is PDXET

Practice Days and Pre Registration

Pre Registration Information

Practice on our track is available for KartSport Nelson members only who hold a KSNZ or Motorcycle NZ licence.

We now require pre-registration for practice days and these have a cut off date:-

Wednesday Practice - Cut off the Monday preceding at 5pm

Saturday and Sunday Practice - Cut off the Thursday preceding at 5pm.

Simply click on the button below to book your time.

If you have any questions around practice, please don't hesitate to contact Pete Fitzgibbon, details are here Contact Us