Bucket Bikes

We welcome bucket bike riders to our Club.  Bucket bikes are smaller capacity race bikes that are suitable to race on our track and others around the country.  The racing is fun and a cheaper form of bike racing, but yet very exciting.   To compete at our Club Days you are required to have:-

a 150cc four stroke; or
a 125cc two stroke (air colled, 24mm max carb); or
100cc two stroke (water cooled and open carb.
There is plenty of help available to get your bike sorted and ready to race.  Catch up with our Bucket Bike team at a race meeting and also head to the "Bucket Racing Nelson" Facebook page. 
Contact Paul Jameson 0274 316 674

2020 Bucket Bike Club Points

1Jethro Bowman11570145330
2Ben Rees106100206
3Martin Ewing7230102
4Craig Thomas572471152
5Jade Hedges7575
6Paul Jameson
7Kevin Thomas3636
8Ben Van den Berg3030
9Mark Lyndon Paynter1717
10Jared Wallace3535
11Dylan Hedges5656