Track Update - 21st May 2020

Track Update

Our Track will Open, Sunday, 24th May 2020, with Strict Protocols - Please ensure you read and are fully conversant.  We understand it is all new and change, but we are all here to help, so please get in touch if you are unsure about anything.

A reminder about the working bee this Saturday to complete a few jobs on the list to ensure we have everything in place to open the track for practice.  It will start at 8:00am this Saturday.  Please wear high vis as you may be working on the entrance way fence project.  We also have our sanitising stations to set up and a few other things to get our facility ready to open.  Remember, many hands make light work.

A huge thanks to the following few who were able to make it last weekend, Jason Fleming, Kevin Barker, Daniel Bell, Mark Butchard, Tony Dyer, Peter Fitzgibbon, Rob Frans, Brendon Gridley, David Hope, Tim Lancaster, Alistair McFadzien, Russell Miller, Andrew Rankin, Annette Smith and Andrew Workman.

Don't forget your common sense as it is a "Working Bee" not an opportunity to pop out for a chat, and also if you are not feeling 100%, please don't turn up, we want to keep everyone safe.  The other thing to remember is, bubbles working together are to be not more than 10 people, however, we can have multiple bubbles of 10.  These bubbles must not intermingle at any time whilst we are out there and phsyical distancing kept to at least 2 metres.

Here is the list of tools required:
Paint Sprayer
Battery Drills/Impact Drivers
Skillsaws, Bench Saw, Nail Guns
Many hands
High Vis