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2018 Mainland Series



2018 Properly Plastered Mainland Series

Kartsport Nelson has taken over the running of the series and has big plans for this up and coming year.

Thanks to a sponsorship raffle draw we have Over $6000 In Spot Prizes to give away this year plus the top 3 drivers in each class will receive Prize Money.

The series still runs along side the 3 major events in the South Island (Sunbelt Sprint Champs, Southern Series and Garden City Champs) and is purely designed to help encourage drivers from the South Island clubs to travel and support these events.

Naming Rights Sponsor: Properly Plastered Ltd

Class Sponsors:

Cadet Rok - NZ Frameless Glass

Vortex Mini Rok - Gridley Kart Supplies

Rotax/DVS Junior - Shiny Mikes Auto Paint & Panel

Rotax/DVS Light - Unleashed Kart Supplies

Rotax Heavy - Full Throttle Racing

Briggs Light - Ray White Full Circle Real Estate

Briggs Heavy - Place Makers Dunedin

Open - NZ Frameless Glass

Also don't forget to "like" our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest news

Mainland Series Entry Fee: $125 - Closed

Enter Online - Click Here

Download Mainland Series Entry Eorm - Click Here

Current Points Standings - Click Here

Prize Money:

No. in class 1st 2nd 3rd
1. $100
2. $125 $75
3. $150 $100 $50
4. $200 $125 $75
5. $250 $150 $100
6. $300 $175 $125
7. $350 $200 $150
8. $400 $225 $175
9. $450 $250 $200
10+ $500 $275 $225

Spot Prizes:

We will be giving out random spot prizes throughout the series including giving away 2 sets of Dunlop slick tyres at each round of the series. So that's 12 sets of tyres over the series.

Also everyone that enters the series will receive a FREE Mainland Series T-shirt.

Current Drivers Entry List: Updated 29th May 2018 - Total 70

Cadet Rok - 11

Broughan, Arthur (Marlborough)

Earley, Jacob (Southland)

Fletcher, Izaak (Canterbury)

Harvey, Zavier (Canterbury)

Kemp, Bentley (Nelson)

Knight, Sam (Canterbury)

McGregor, Lochy (Nelson)

Milne, Josh (Canterbury)

Muir, Oakley (Dunedin)

Thompson, Kohen (Westland)

Tucker, Zach (Canterbury)

Vortex Mini Rok - 9

Black, James (Dunedin)

Crosbie, Alex (Southland)

Knowles, Blake (Canterbury)

McLaren, Scott (Canterbury)

Murdock, Aydin (Canterbury)

Neale, William (Canterbury)

Sharp, Louis (Canterbury)

White, Chris (Canterbury)

Workman, Ollie (Nelson)

Rotax Max Junior - 14

Campbell, Callissa (Dunedin)

Christensen, Zac (Canterbury)

Dixon, Findlay (Southland)

Douglas, Jacob (Canterbury)

Exton, William (Marlborough)

Godwin, Adam (Canterbury)

Gray, Taylor (Southland)

Hill, Bo (Nelson)

Muir-Thomson, Kohen (Dunedin)

Patrick, Alex (Dunedin)

Pink, Liam (Canterbury)

Robertson, Dominic (Nelson)

Thompson, Logan (Southland)

Tuffley, Ethan (Southland)

Junior Vortex DVS - 1

Gridley, Louise (Nelson)

Rotax Light - 11

Askew, Cole (Canterbury)

Broughton, Andrew (Marlborough)

Cox, Chris (Canterbury)

Edgar, Cameron (Dunedin)

Hay, Cameron (Canterbury)

Huston, Caleb (Rotorua)

McConochie, Ben (Canterbury)

McLaren, Jack (Canterbury)

Noble-Adams, Jack (Canterbury)

Noble-Adams, Oscar (Canterbury)

Van Der Byl, Sam (Dunedin)

Rotax Heavy - 13

Barker, Kevin (Nelson)

Barrett, Duncan (Nelson)

Black, Arron (Dunedin)

Borlase, Bryce (Nelson)

Campbell, Les (Dunedin)

Carter, Ian (Dunedin)

French, Derryn (Nelson)

Hollingworth, Kyle (Nelson)

O'Malley, Sam (Canterbury)

Rankin, Kyle (Nelson)

Richards, Kayden (Nelson)

Richardson, Peter (Marlborough)

Shearer, Neil (Dunedin)

Briggs Light - 5

Burr, Carey (Nelson)

Dyer, Tony (Nelson)

Evans, Tim (Marlborough)

Greenfield, Blake (Marlborough)

Topliss, Stephen (Canterbury)

Briggs Heavy - 3

Clive, Nathan (Canterbury)

Diamond, Kerry (Nelson)

Richards, Jason (Nelson)

Open - 3

Cox, Chris (Canterbury)

Noble-Adams, Jack (Canterbury) KZ2

O'Hara, Shawn (Marlborough) KZ2

Mainland Inter-club Trophy

Nelson - 17

Marlborough - 7

Canterbury - 27

Westland - 1

Dunedin - 11

Southland - 6